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The International Society 

of Hirudotherapeutists and Hirudologists


Goals : 
1.Representation of the interests of hirudotherapeutists, medicinal leech producers and hirudologists in European, international and national organizations. 
2.Keeping the register of biofactories and hirudotherapeutists. 
3.Dissemination of information and popularization of the scientific approach in hirudotherapy. 
4.Introduction of standards in treatment and prophylaxis by the medicinal leech.

1. Recognition in all the countries hirudotherapy as a method of conclusive medicine based on scientific evidence. 
2. Support to hirudotherapy and producers of the medicinal leech, dissemination of information and popularization of the scientific approache in hirudotherapy. 3. Recognition of the medicinal leech as a medicament in all the countries. 
4. Education and certification of doctors. International advanced-training courses for hirudotherapeutists. 
5. Elaboration of standards for treating and preventing diseases by medicinal leech. 
6. Exchange of experience between the scientists and practitioners of different countries. Publishing manuals, guidances etc. 
7. Defense of hirudotherapeutists under court contests. 
8. Elaboration methods directed to the protection of the medicinal leech in natural water bodies. Formation of the regard for the medicinal leech as the European (International) heritage. 
9. International sanctions for salespeople and buyers of the "wild” medicinal leech living in natural water bodies. 
10. Methodological and legal help in organization and creation of novel biofactories for breeding medicinal leeches. 
11. Research work by scientists of different fields from different countries for the investigation natural compounds of leech saliva and their effects on a human organism.
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